One of the biggest and most reputed manufacturers and exporters of denim in India, Maruti Denim has established a powerful presence in the biggest cities in the country such as Gujarat, Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata, and many more. It has also widened its horizon by exporting successfully to Egypt for years.

We, the company from Ahmedabad, have been serving the nation and the globe with utmost sincerity. Starting from almost nothing, the company now holds a substantial percentage of the Indian denim industry. They are a fully integrated production house, equipped with special product development and manufacturing facilities. The manufacturing process is completely automated.


Located in the heart of India’s textile hub, Ahmedabad, we are the rising champion in the Indian denim industry and export. It focuses on research and development and quality control over everything. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing facility, the company has been producing a wide variety of products, ranging from 15 to 20 types of denim per year with a thread count of 100 to 1000.

We use the most durable cotton from the best farms in India to make their products. All the machines used in the process are of the latest technology. The processes of spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, are done using their innovative infrastructure.

Latest labs & fabric making facility

We have the most advanced research facilities led by highly trained and experienced staff. The weaving and knitting machines are foreign-made and can manufacture at an immense speed.